Full Supply Going Digital

As already reported last year, we have concluded a contract for the full supply of the power plant of Stadtwerke Hildesheim AG and are pleased to have started supplying our customer Energiezukunft Hildesheim (EZHI). We are also pleased to emphasise that in this supply contract with wood chips, preference is given to regional quantities. This is, of course, always the goal, because the use of resources directly on site is our top priority.

Another special aspect of this full supply contract is that it is a pilot project for digitalisation in cooperation with Felix Tools GmbH from Austria, the concept of which we were able to convince EZHI. The common goal is to use the capacities of the plant as efficiently as possible. We achieve this, among other things, through optimised logistics, verification and quality control. The goods are received completely autonomously via QR code scanners, i.e. no power plant personnel are needed for the goods reception itself.

The exact procedure on site: The weighing is done via QR code on the smartphone or delivery note. This enables the system to directly assign all data such as origin, order number and carrier. During weighing, the system automatically takes photos of the loaded truck and the registration number. After unloading, a photo of the unloaded material at the storage location is also taken automatically at the same time as the back-weighing. In addition, the power plant employees take a representative sample of the delivered material in order to sample the water content by means of a kiln. After sampling, all the above-mentioned data are transmitted to our system in a collected form per order.

Alisa Schriefer, Key Account Manager for renewable raw materials, emphasises: “We are grateful for the trust placed in us, but also in the technology, and are very much looking forward to the cooperation and further developments within the framework of the possibilities that digitalisation offers. It quickly becomes clear here what positive effects a long-term partnership can bring for both sides.”