Our Heroes on the Road

To ensure that the goods we transport are in the right place on time, our truck drivers are at the front line. A lot happens in the everyday life of our colleagues on the road. But what we all must not lose sight of is that our colleagues also have a life at home. And that is exactly what is sometimes difficult to reconcile in this job.

When we leave our offices, our guys are still on the road for us. When we have dinner with the family, they find a place near the motorway and spend the night away from home. But what happens if one of our guys gets stranded, i.e. doesn’t come home anymore because his driving time is no longer sufficient? This happened recently.

Tobias Böder, responsible for sales and the vehicle fleet, tells us the corresponding anecdote: “When one of our colleagues had to unload a promised load of pellets at our customer’s premises, the subsequent driving time was no longer enough to get home legally. Because this is exactly the crux of the matter. Our AsphaltCowboys, as they like to call themselves, have to follow fixed rules. Time is the greatest enemy and it seems as if it runs out like a countdown. According to this, the driver and his truck were now standing 120 km from home. The following day, a public holiday, our truck was not allowed to be moved. The driver is literally stranded. The wife and child are sitting at home and the fridge is empty… Stress, which we easily forget, but should not! However, our Brüning mentality comes into play – WE pick you up, take you home and if you like, we also go shopping. He adds with a smile: “The latter was carried out with the wife rather than with the dispatcher, despite the offer.

The important thing is, we take care! Because once again, in these times when our guys are moving our goods on the road, we should be there for each other!