What makes a company different or what distinguishes a company from others? The question of how we are different or what makes us special is one that we at the Brüning Group also ask ourselves.

A central point certainly is our corporate culture. This includes, among other things, the linking of professionalism with joy, which we have even laid down in our basic mission. We have found that this attitude also has a positive effect on our business relationships. The constructive attitude and approach of our employees, coupled with professional competence, leads to a form of cooperation with our business partners that is solution-oriented, transparent, flexible and at the same time challenging. We pursue the goal of long-term partnerships at eye level. This enables us to respond optimally to the needs of our partners and to guarantee stability in supply and disposal even in difficult market situations.

However, the joy with which we do something does not come about on its own. In many places, work is done just for its own sake – and that’s exactly what we don’t want. We encourage our employees to advance their own development through their work, to expand their skills and competences and thus to make a contribution to the greater whole. This strengthens each individual, which in turn has an impact on the team, the unit and ultimately the entire company. It is crucial to accompany the employees on their way as best as possible and to give them orientation. To this end, personal discussions are held regularly between employees and the respective managers to provide feedback, but also to align mutual expectations. We believe that a good exchange at and between all levels is essential for cooperation and the success of the company. Our credo is: mistakes can happen, it is only important to learn from them.

Furthermore, we see each employee as an individual with many facets. And with our ongoing internationalisation, diversity is constantly increasing – the more diverse, the better. Every person is unique and brings with them their very own personality, which we value highly. We attach particular importance to treating all employees openly and respectfully, without prejudice, and to accepting new colleagues into our company with complete open-mindedness. Fresh impulses from outside are always a benefit and we can all profit from each other. This creates a very special corporate spirit. It is precisely this “spirit” that makes us special. Nevertheless, we see the whole thing as a continuous process and try never to rest on our laurels, but always to look at all aspects of a business process, to find even better solutions and to learn from mistakes, no matter how small they may be. From our point of view, it is indispensable to regularly question ourselves, to review decisions and to be open to new ways. Because we are always looking for challenges in order to grow and develop as the Brüning Group.