The Brüning Group was named a top employer in the medium-sized businesses sector 2022 by Yourfirm.de, the leading online job exchange for medium-sized companies in German-speaking countries.

The aim of the award is to draw the attention of job seekers to the advantages of medium-sized employers and to give them orientation in their search for interesting employers in the medium-sized businesses sector. The special thing is that the award is not based on surveys, which often have low participation rates and thus only a limited meaningful database. Instead, the access and reading behaviour of users on Yourfirm.de is evaluated on more than 60,000 job advertisements within one year.

The evaluation criteria are the number of users a company reaches on average per job advertisement and company profile, the percentage of users who actually read the content, i.e. stay on the website for a correspondingly long time, and the percentage of readers who take an application-related action, e.g. by clicking on “Apply now” or the company’s website link. Based on these three categories, a “popularity index” is calculated for each employer. The 1,000 best rated companies will receive the seal as a top employer in medium-sized businesses.

Dirk Kümmerle, Managing Director of Yourfirm, says: “The past year 2021 was marked by challenges. But it is precisely in challenging times that it also becomes apparent which companies are really well on track. The companies that continue to hire and grow in these times are strong and attractive employers. It is also becoming increasingly challenging for companies to find the right talent. Therefore, top employers:in medium-sized companies provide an additional argument to convince talents. In combination with the typical characteristics of medium-sized businesses, such as short decision-making processes, fast promotion opportunities, a family-like and appreciative environment, as well as a variety of tasks, employers in medium-sized businesses become even more attractive.”

We are very pleased about this award, which also shows that we are on the right track. As a company and employer, we are attractive and offer interesting career opportunities for job seekers and employees.