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The right choice of career and study is a difficult topic for school graduates. Many vacillate back and forth between an apprenticeship and studying. The solution may lie in a combination of both. At the Brüning Group, we are also aware of these trends. That is why we have decided to offer the option of a dual study programme from now on.

A dual study programme has many advantages over the classic model of full-time study. An important factor when deciding is the high level of practical relevance, but certainly also the monthly salary, which also creates a degree of independence for many young people. In addition, the partner companies are very interested in hiring them later, which makes it much easier to start a career.

In the coming winter semester, we are now offering the cooperative degree programme in trade and retail management in cooperation with the Hochschule Bremen (City University of Applied Sciences). We have recently become a partner company of the university and thus take over the practice-oriented part of the study programme. The course lasts seven semesters and includes theoretical and practical phases alternating every three months. Students graduate with a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.). In addition to this degree, students can take the examination to become a management assistant in wholesale and foreign trade management and the trainer aptitude test at the Bremen Chamber of Commerce.

In terms of content, business administration is in the foreground, but with a focus on commerce. In addition, there are various competences that you acquire in the course of your studies. On the one hand, language skills such as commercial English, on the other hand, key skills such as intercultural competence, negotiation skills, conflict management and moderation, all paired with commercial experience, personal development and international competence (possibly experience abroad). In addition, challenges such as digitalisation, diversity or sustainability are highlighted.

In any case, we are already very much looking forward to the students and new colleagues – perhaps our future managers – who will certainly enrich our company and the entire team.