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Regional roots. International network.

Based in Fischerhude since 1992

Here and now
This is where it all began. All the pieces come together here.

Our various Fischerhude teams bring together over 110 employees.  Both the logistics and the administration for the entire BRÜNING GROUP are carried out from here, alongside the management and operational business activities for northern Germany.

How it all began
Arnd Brüning founded his company in the idyllic artists' village of Fischerhude in 1992. Over the years he built up the companies Brüning-Megawatt, Brüning-Euromulch, Brüning-Logistik and finally Brüning-International. These companies now operate under the umbrella of the BRÜNING GROUP across Europe in the energy-yielding bulk raw commodities sector. The BRÜNING GROUP was able to establish itself as a German market leader in the supply of biomass combined heat and power plants thanks to our network concept and steady growth.

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Tel: +494293 – 78 94 0
Mail: info@bruening-gruppe.de

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Brüning | Megawatt
Brüning | Euromulch
Brüning | Logistik
Brüning | International
Brüning | Holding

Brüning | Gruppe
Landstraße 30
28870 Fischerhude

In Munich since 2014

We love Bavaria!

The BRÜNING | GROUP opened an office close to Munich Airport in 2014 to provide a permanent presence in Southern Germany, extending our reach to Austria and Switzerland from there.

The South is booming

Our Southern location is developing so rapidly that the team and the office premises had to be quickly expanded. Not surprisingly, the Southern Germany BRÜNING | GROUP team has become a market leader.

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Tel: +49811 – 99 95 821 850
Mail: info@bruening-gruppe.de

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Team München

Brüning | Gruppe
Ludwigstraße 47
85399 Hallbergmoos

In Rostock since 2014

Hello coast!
Our office in Kritzmow near Rostock was opened in 2014, giving us direct contact to the strategically-important Baltic Sea ports and booming forestry industry.

Cumulative expertise
Kritzmow is also home to our specialist centres for dry wood chips (heating systems), wood pellets and bedding materials (livestock).

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Tel: +4938207 – 76 982 460
Mail: info@bruening-gruppe.de

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Team Rostock

Brüning | Gruppe
Satower Straße 63a
18198 Kritzmow

In Copenhagen (since 2015)

Brüning becomes international
The BRÜNING | GROUP opened its first foreign office in Copenhagen in 2015, enabling us to reach new sales channels throughout Northern Europe.

A successful concept
Our on-site team has brought to Denmark the concept of supply and disposal of energy-yielding raw materials from a single source – an innovation that’s already proving to be highly successful.

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Tel: +45 39 94 41 38
Mail: info@bruening-group.dk
Web: bruening-group.dk

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Team Kopenhagen

Brüning-Group Danmark
Tuborg Boulevard 12
2900 Hellerup

In Bremen (since 2018)

Brüning is in Bremen

In September 2018, the Brüning | Group moved into offices in the Überseestadt with 31 employees. Since we are constantly growing and would like to grow even more within the framework of our future plans, the headquarters in Fischerhude had meanwhile become too small and the office space urgently needed to be expanded.

Working hard to exceed the expectations of our customers

The employees of Brüning-Megawatt GmbH "Waste-to-Energy" and "Wastewood" as well as Brüning-Logistik GmbH, Brüning-International GmbH and the sales department now take care at the location in Bremen to continue to meet the high demands of customers and suppliers, obviously in close cooperation with all other locations.

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Tel: +49 421-64 36-10
Mail: info@bruening-gruppe.de

An der Reeperbahn 12
28217 Bremen

In United Kingdom (since 2019)

Think big

Since 2019 the Brüning | Group is also present in England. New employees, new customers and suppliers as well as a warehouse in Grantham, between Boston and Nottingham, represent a further step in the internationalization of our company.

Global players

In order to ensure the best possible service for customers in the United Kingdom, we rely on native speakers who are familiar with the country's culture, business culture and legal requirements. Because also abroad we want to offer the best possible service and be a reliable partner.

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Tel: +45 39 94 41 38
Mail: dean.scanlan@bruening-group.com
Web: bruening-group.com

Brüning-Group UK LTD.
Bridge House
Old Grantham Road, Whatton
Nottingham, NG13 9FG