Corporate policy and philosophy

Inspiring customers. Focussing on core products. Growing throughout Europe.

CORE MISSION 2020 – long-term partnerships

We are market leaders in Germany when it comes to the trade of energy-yielding bulk raw material commodities. Our premium national and increasingly European network is unique in our market. We are in a position to quickly and efficiently react to market changes, relying on our extensive supplier network to guarantee availability of requested materials.  As well as offering our customers and suppliers a reliable supply and disposal service, we provide logistics from a single source.

Our corporate philosophy is guided towards these partner-oriented priorities:


 Our staff are our most important asset and we place the greatest of confidence in them. We encourage a creative approach and innovative actions.

Personal fulfilment
 Work is not only a means to an end, but also offers our staff possibilities of personal fulfilment within their work context. We also support our people’s further training aspirations.

Working environment
 We are an equal opportunities employer with above-average working conditions for all. As part of this ethos, we promote the health and well-being of each employee through a work/life balance programme

Collaborative management
 We promote a collaborative management style. Decisions are made within a reasonable time frame, taking into consideration all information available and implemented in a goal-oriented manner. We give our employees feedback, recognition and guidance in regular, one-to-one conversations.

In addition to the collective responsibility for the company as a whole, our management is committed to ensuring that the commonly-agreed rules are complied with and that challenges in achieving tasks and projects will be successfully overcome.

Employees and management maintain a direct and clear dialogue and provide timely information about innovations and changes. We consider market evolution, unexpected events, conflicts and problems as opportunities for further development.

CohesionWe hold our staff in high regard. Individual discussions are held with them to listen to their concerns and comments, appreciate their ideas and respect their views. Our ’Special Brüning culture of fun’ is part of our unique sense of community.


Individual services
Our partners have high quality standards, long-term views and are very successful within their respective markets. We distinguish ourselves by our ability to individually customize our services to the requirements of each and every one of our business partners.

Personal contact
Each contact with our customers and suppliers is personal and solution-oriented. This leads to a trusting cooperation, which holds fast through challenging trading conditions. We promise our customers the best available expertise on the market for each of our core products.

Holistic approach
We always think and act in the interests of the company as a whole. Our cooperation is fair, honest, helpful and commanding. Conflicts are tackled constructively without hesitation. We combine professionalism and enjoyment in our day-to-day activities.


Our focus
We aren't interested in one-off business deals and price wars.

Our product portfolio
We optimize our product portfolio by actively promoting our core products and only deal with secondary products on a reactive basis.

Our core products
Core products have significant business potential in terms of profit and volumes.


Keeping the environment in mind
We consistently minimize the environmental impact of all our activities and involve our contractual partners, with whom we work in partnership. We take into account life-cycle considerations when making investments and business decisions

Conserving resources
Implementing holistic concepts for resource conservation and energy efficiency across our company sites, we encourage an open dialogue with all stakeholders.

Implementing contractual obligations
We are committed to further developing our environmental performance and our management system, providing the necessary resources to make this happen. Our aim is to always fulfil our legal and contractual obligations and minimise risk.