From garden centre to biomass market leader

Growth and development

The sole proprietorship Arnd Brüning e. K. was founded in the idyllic artists' village of Fischerhude near Bremen in 1992. It all started with the opening of a garden centre specializing in the organic cultivation of fruit, vegetables and plants. Increasing demand resulted in the trade of gardening supplies. Soil conditioners, such as compost and bark mulch, were part of the range until residual timber materials (sawmill residue, landscaping materials, waste wood) and wood fuels (firewood, wood chips) were added to the range. Over the years, our subsidiaries Brüning-Euromulch GmbH, Brüning-Megawatt GmbH, Brüning-Logistik GmbH and Brüning-Specials GmbH were developed.

Today, we trade in wood-based raw materials, for use in material and thermal processing, or in gardening and landscaping, as well as in the agricultural sector, on a national and international basis.

Arnd Brüning set his sights on becoming a service provider operating throughout Germany during the company’s development phase. He moved the whole staff into larger premises within Fischerhude on four occasions, eventually building a new office on the site of an old farm and expanding on two occasions. Today, our modern office, built in 2009, blends naturally into the local architecture and offers ample space for our 100+ employees.

The Brüning Group decided to produce its own firewood in 2013 and acquired facilities for this in Röbel an der Müritz. The Brüning Group’s premium firewood business was launched under the Timber MacPom brand following the modernization of these facilities.

We have also had an office in Hallbergmoos near Munich Airport since January 2014. This has allowed us to speed-up our connections with customers across Southern Germany. Brüning also opened an office in Kritzmow during the summer of 2014 to facilitate direct access with Rostock harbour.

The Brüning Group opened its first foreign office in Copenhagen in the early summer of 2015 and founded Brüning-International GmbH as its fourth subsidiary.