From garden centre to biomass market leader

A business idea takes root

1992: The company that today is the Brüning Group started out as a one-man small business in the idyllic artists’ village of Fischerhude near Bremen in north Germany.

It all began with a small market garden, where Arnd Brüning dedicated himself to the organic production of vegetables, fruit and other plants. He soon changed tack in response to demand from customers and began trading in market garden supplies. Products offered for sale included soil improvers such as compost and bark mulch, soon to be following by waste wood products (sawmill residues, material from landscape maintenance operations, recovered wood) and fuel wood products (firewood, woodchips). Arnd Brüning’s business idea struck a chord: From these small beginnings developed the four companies that today make up the Brüning Group: Brüning Euromulch, Brüning Megawatt, Brüning Logistik and Brüning International (formerly Brüning Specials).

Today the Brüning Group, through its four subsidiaries, is German market leader in trading wood raw materials, both for material and thermal use and for a range of applications in gardening, landscaping and agriculture. The company is also expanding its European and global business operations.

As the company grew into a service provider operating across Europe, Arnd Brüning and his staff moved four times into larger premises in Fischerhude. New office buildings were constructed on the site of an old farmhouse and further expanded on two occasions. Today, the modern office building constructed in 2009 fits well into the townscape, while offering employment for more than 100 members of staff.

The next chapter

2013: The Brüning Group took the decision to produce its own firewood. Following acquisition and modernization of a production facility in Röbel-Müritz in northeast Germany, the company began trading in the premium firewood Timber MacPom.

2014: In January a branch office was opened in Hallbergmoos near Munich. This allowed the company to develop closer contacts with nearby clients in south Germany. In the summer, an office was opened in Kritzmow on the Baltic Sea coast, providing direct contact with the port of Rostock.

2015: In early summer, the Brüning Group opened its first overseas office in Copenhagen. The subsidiary Brüning Special was renamed Brüning International and tasked with coordinating global trading operations, while its previous areas of responsibility were transferred to the operational departments of Brüning Euromulch and Brüning Megawatt.

2018: At the start of the year the Brüning Group took over the company Gebrüder Meyer, based in Mölln in Schleswig-Holstein, whose product range of wood raw materials fits perfectly into Brüning’s business operations. Later in the year, the company took possession of new offices Bremen, which provide additional accommodation for the growing workforce.