Outstanding work

We give our best – each and every day.

We put great emphasis on renewable energies. Acting sustainably, the responsible use of resources and compliance with environmental legislation are therefore of paramount importance to our company.

A customer/employee-oriented working approach is, of course, just very important to us. Our environmental and corporate policy allows us to demonstrate complete transparency with our business partners. It's an amazing feeling to do something for the environment on a daily basis and to be part of the turnaround in Germany's energy industry. We don’t just talk about sustainability –  it’s at the heart of everything we do.

This has also been confirmed by several independent institutions with the following certificates and awards:

Environmental Management Certificate acc. ISO 14001

What is this?
The ISO 14001 is an international environmental management standard. It sets globally-recognised requirements for environmental management systems and focuses on our commitment to a continuous improvement process of environmental performance within the company. 

Our certificate is valid until 2019. It covers all corporate segments and demonstrates that we are even more efficient with our resources than ever before.

Meaning in detail
This starts at the office, with the use of working materials, waste separation, electricity consumption, and ends with the purchase and sale of raw materials for our customers.

Annual audits by the TÜV (The most important German Technical Inspection Agency) demonstrate that we are implementing our developed procedural instructions and defined environmental objectives as well as working to optimize them.

FSC® Certificate for the Brüning | Group

What is this?
The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC® for short) was founded to promote an ecologically-adapted, socially-beneficial and economically-viable management of the world's forests. As an independent, not-for-profit non-governmental organization, the FSC® has established fundamental uniform principles for responsible forest management worldwide.

Meaning in detail
At Brüning Euromulch, Brüning Megawatt and Brüning Denmark we are committed to the promotion of sustainable and responsible forest management - as service providers and as a link in the production chain between forest and consumers. If we deliver FSC® certified materials at the request of a customer, their origin is clearly identifiable within the entire product chain.

The validity
We carry the seal for the following product groups:

Wood fuel
Wood shavings
Wood chips
Wood pellets

See the FSC® Certificate


PEFC™ Certificate

What is this?
The ’Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes’ (PEFC™) is a programme for the recognition of forest certification systems and is internationally valid.

PEFC™ certification stands for comprehensive sustainability, combining ecological, economic and social aspects. It pursues the goals of comprehensively documenting and improving sustainable forest management. The focus here is not exclusively on wood, but rather on forest management as a whole. The PEFC™ seal ensures that the process chain is monitored by independent organizations and is fully traceable.

This is what we do
The promotion of sustainable forest management is also our top priority. This means that the forest is able to perform its natural functions of protecting the soil, the climate and water bodies without hindrance. Together with our local forestry experts, we handle the raw material of wood in a responsible manner and are proud to have been awarded the PEFC™ certificate. 

The promise
For you, as our corporate client or as a consumer, this means: wherever you find the PEFC™ symbol, you can be sure that the wood you see has been sourced from sustainably-managed forests.

See the PEFC™ Certificate


SBP Certificate

SBP - what is this?

The Sustainable Biomass Program (SBP) is a certification system for biomass used for energy production. The goal is to fulfil legal, regulatory and sustainability-oriented requirements in the EU. Producers of biomass, traders and energy producers, who are final users of biomass products, are certified. The holder of an SBP certificate may then use the label "SBP-compliant biomass" or "SBP-controlled biomass" for SBP certified material.

Meaning in detail

The certification process begins with the biomass producer and covers the entire supply chain from the forest to the final user, where all environmental impacts are documented so that the Co2 balance of the entire supply chain can be calculated. Materials accepted are responsible materials that are, among others, certified by FSC, PEFC or SFI or assessed according to the risk-based approach of SBP. In total, there are 6 standards, each with a different scope and purpose, that apply to SBP certified companies.

Certificates & Reports

Brüning | Megawatt GmbH and Brüning | Euromulch GmbH are certified as SBP traders (Standard 4 Chain of Custody and Standard 5 Collection and Communication of Data). In addition Brüning | Megawatt GmbH is certified as a producer of SBP-certified wood chips (Standard 2 Verification of SBP-compliant Feedstock as well as Standard 4 and 5). We were audited by NEPCon.

BG Megawatt SBP EN
BG SBP Supply Base Report EN

EFB Certificate

The benefit
We market various types of waste through the RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) and recycled wood divisions of Brüning-Megawatt GmbH. We can attest to the traceability and cleanliness of our waste disposal activities by means of an independent testing agency, proving that sustainability is a priority in all areas of our business.

What is this?
We can document our capacity and competence to transport and market waste materials professionally, via the EFB Certificate issued by the TÜV Süd. Regular, external examinations demonstrate to our customers and business partners that we, and our subsidiaries, Brüning Logistik and Brüning Megawatt, as waste disposal companies (EFB), meet the necessary guidelines at all times.

See the EFB Certificate

Reliably verified

Regular external audits demonstrate to our customers and business partners that our Group and our subsidiaries, Brüning Logistik and Brüning Megawatt, meet the necessary guidelines for waste disposal companies (EFB) at all times.

EfbV certificate (Brüning-Logistik GmbH)
EfbV certificate attachment (Brüning-Logistik GmbH)

EfbV certificate (Brüning-Megawatt GmbH)
EfbV certificate attachment (Brüning-Megawatt GmbH)


ENplus Certificate

What is it?
Since 2010, the German Pellet Institute (DEPI) has been maintaining a completely new standard in its certification programme. This helps to establish quality standards in the provision of high-quality wood fuels for modern wood-based energy systems that promote clean air, resource efficiency, climate protection and cost effectiveness.

Meaning in detail
Having been recently tested, our wood pellets and dry wood chips are now certified to carry the ENplus seal until November 2020. As one of the first dealers and stockists to be certified, we are authorised to to supply certified wood pellets of the quality classes ENplus A1, ENplus A2 and ENplus B. Additionally, wood chips of the quality classes ENplus -A1 in particle sizes P31S and P45S are subject to verification by the DEPI.

We carry the certification for…

Through our compliance with ENplus requirements, we are able to ensure efficient, low-emission and trouble-free heating.


Quality training

Prospects for young people
At least three young adults start an apprenticeship in the commercial sector of our company each year. We consider giving career opportunities to young people in rural areas to be very important.

The benefit to us
This approach provides the company with a source of trained specialists in the long term, since we generally establish a permanent employment relationship with the apprentices after they have successfully completed their academic examinations. 

Honoured by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce
The Stade Chamber of Industry and Commerce has rewarded our commitment to vocational training with the ’Quality Through Education’ award.