and PR unite

A company like us that operates in a wide range of industries, is in real need of such an agency that understands us and knows what matters. Even better to have this agency in our own house.  The more we grow, the greater the tasks of image cultivation and external communication, which is reflected in every fibre of our company.

Our marketing department deals with everything regarding communication and presentation of the Brüning Group. Due to its agility, the marketing department is at the same time an advertising agency for external clients (m/f/d), thus creating another business segment for our company group.


Nomen est Omen and only with the right package the effect on your and our customers gets professional. Image, for example,  is an important factor in recruiting and customer acquisition – in every profession. We find colours and shapes, provide comprehensive advice, ensure an optimal first impression and create campaigns that are perfectly tailored to you down to the last detail. 

Full Service

From business cards to websites, from corporate design to car wraps, from press releases to professional photos and image videos, we offer a comprehensive portfolio. Our long-standing partner and production companies or Google professionals round off our services.

Social media

An important module for image building are media that are entertaining and unfold desired effects in seconds. Nowadays, it is hard to imagine the world of advertising without Facebook, Instagram or TikTok. Whether it’s hashtag analysis or the daily maintenance of your account, we place you in the best possible way in social media.


It doesn’t always have to be the complete package, but advertisers need content in both an attractive format and appropriate form. We create texts, photos, videos and graphics to package your message according to your needs and convey it to the appropriate target group. We integrate your corporate identity and spice it up with a portion of marketing knowledge and professionalism.