Scrap tyre utilization

Returning them back to the materials cycle

Whether it's for cars, mopeds or agricultural machinery, the type of tyre is critical. Only the right tyre profile ensures the perfect grip and facilitates driving on the designated surface. Yet tyres only have a limited service life. As soon as the tread depth is less than 1.6 mm, or the rubber has become brittle, their next destination is the recycling centre. And it is from here that we collect them and reintroduce them back into the materials cycle for further usage. However, only workshop tyres are suitable for this purpose - not silage tyres!


Around 650,000 tons of scrap tyres accumulate each year in Germany alone.

Private use
Used car and bike tyres make up a large proportion of this amount.

Freight and construction industry
But there are also considerable quantities of truck and tractor tyres, as well as tyres from earth-moving machinery.


Special treatment
We make use of scrap tyres, transporting them to specialised processing companies, where they are divided into their main components: Rubber 67%, steel 19% and textiles 14%.

Granulate production
All components will continue to be used individually, with rubber being the most valuable material. It is used as granulate for the modification of asphalt and bitumen or recycled for fall protection zones.

In cement plants
We also deliver scrap tyres to cement plants. These are used as substitute fuels in shredded form. The steel in the tyres is used as a mineral substitute for iron ore.

Enquiries and contact

We are your reliable purchaser of scrap tyres. Please note that we can only purchase workshop tyres and not silage tyres. The minimum purchase quantity is one trailer load. We are happy to answer any queries by phone at +49 4293 78 94 340. We can also find individual solutions for waste such as plaster, paper or plastics, so please get in touch.

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