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Reducing landfill waste

Municipal waste covers all waste arising from household refuse. Each municipality’s communal waste statute determines to what extent the waste must be pre-sorted or separately collected.


Household refuse
In addition to household refuse, municipal waste also includes commercial waste that is similar in composition to household refuse.

Commercial waste similar to household refuse
In detail, commercial waste includes bulky waste, street-cleaning residues, market waste, compostable waste from organic waste collection, and garden and park waste.

Paper, plastics etc.
Waste from the segregated collections of paper, cardboard, cartons, glass, plastics, wood and electronic components also fall into this category.


Municipal waste is largely utilised thermally in waste incineration plants.

Mechanically and biologically
However, a small portion of municipal waste is also supplied for mechanical and biological treatment.

Monitoring waste status
Our experts keep up-to-date with prevailing legislation and will be happy to assist you if you are unsure about certain disposal practices.

Enquiries and contact

Our service for municipal waste disposers: we accept your waste in quantities starting from just one full HGV container. If you have any queries, you can reach us by calling +49 4293 78 94 340 or using our contact form. We would also be happy to find a solution for your other types of waste, such as plaster, paper or plastics on request.

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