Forest residues

More efficient use of resources

Felled treetop branches are a by-product of log harvesting in the forest and have no value to the wood-based industry.  But we have a particular interest in this wood because it is an important raw material for thermal utilization in biomass power plants. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have capacities of residual forest wood in your forest enterprise, forestry service company or tree maintenance business. We would be happy to make an appointment with you on-site.


From the forest
The term ’residual forest wood’ encompasses wood that is left over after logging, forest clearance, forest maintenance or broken by extreme weather conditions.

In detail
These residual woods can be further defined as treetop and root wood, snow or storm damaged wood and branches - and we consider these to be a classic material for energy generation.

Easily accessible
The wood is generally placed in stacks directly on the edge of the forest/wayside so that it is easily accessible for further processing with the wood chipper.

Requirements for thermal utilization

Free from impurities
Residual forest wood must be free from impurities such as metal, earth, stones, roots, leaves, waste wood and grass cuttings before it can be used for thermal utilization in biomass power plants.

Shorter distances preferred
We usually process roadside wood or wood from tree branches clearance into wood chips directly on-site and supply them to our biomass combined heat and power plant contractual partners throughout the region. This allows us to avoid long transportation distances and encourage raw material utilization at a local level.

The customer decides
Each power plant relies on a certain quality of material. We comply with the plant’s technical specifications and supply the required wood accordingly – whether in the form of chips or shredded material.

Collection requirements

Secured in stacks
The wood must be piled in stacks, perpendicular to the road, so that we can optimally process it. The stack height should be no higher than 4 m and contain no foreign matter such as roots, waste wood, metal, earth, stones etc.

Routes passable all year round
Heavy vehicular access to the stacks is essential.  Our wood chipper will need to be able to move right up to the wood stack and chop the material into a moving floor HGV or container vehicle.

Shorter trips
The vehicle then either brings the wood chips directly to the nearby power plant or to a storage site where it is further processed or dried. This keeps the transport routes as short as possible.

Enquiries and contact

Does your work produce residual forest material in quantities of approx. 300 m3 loose? If so, we’d be delighted to buy it. We can also discuss smaller quantities of wood or more sporadic supplies. We can always find the right solution! Please call us on +49 4293 78 94 320 or fill out our enquiry form.

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