Grade C waste wood

Containing wood preservatives and other harmful substances

Grade C recycled woods are woods that have been treated with wood preservatives, or which cannot be assigned to categories A or B due to their pollutant content. These will originate from various sources, where the presence of wood preservative treatment has either been detected or will be assumed on the basis of the wood’s origin. Grade C wood can also include wood where preservative treatment is clearly visible (staining) or identifiable by other senses, such as smell.


Railway sleepers
Railway sleepers and electricity pylons as well as marine timbers are the most common waste woods carrying a Grade C designation.

External wood
However, this category also includes windows and exterior doors, garden furniture, timber frameworks, rafter beams and external construction and demolition wood.

Pre-1989 cable drums
Cable drums manufactured before 1989 are also classified as Grade C wood.


Approval required
It is possible and effective to categorise Grade C recycled wood into sub-groups.  Tar-impregnated wood, i.e. railway sleepers, can be recycled in an energy-efficient manner, although it is generally necessary that the storage and treatment meet specific requirements.

Beware of pollutants
Woods that have been impregnated with a mercury chloride solution in a long-term immersion process can also be considered as hazardous waste. Plant restrictions are in place for these, based on their pollutant concentration.

Observe the limits
Cable drums, ammunition boxes, construction woods and all other woods treated with wood preservatives can be combined into one group. It is important to observe the applicable limit values specified by respective power plants in the thermal utilization of these materials.

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