Grade B waste wood

Coated, painted or varnished

Coated, painted or varnished woods as well as used furniture with no PVC adhesions can be classified as Grade B waste wood. The materials must also be free from organic halogen compounds and wood preservatives.


Old furniture
All processed wood, wood-based materials and furniture and kitchens derived from them are designated Grade B recycled wood.

Panels etc.
This can include boards, door panels and frames in indoor areas, ceiling panels and treated sheets or chips.

Uncoated or coated chipboards as well as plywood also find their way to recycling centres, in the storage sites for Grade B wood.


Removal of impurities
Impurities must be removed before recycled wood goes for treatment.

The goal is to use this recycled wood for onward manufacturing once the materials have been treated, especially in the case of chipboard residues and clean furniture.

Thermal utilization
Should this not be possible, Grade B wood can also be utilized thermally in biomass combined heat and power plants.

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