Grade B waste wood

Old without wood preservative

Waste wood is designated Grade B if it has coating that exhibits organic halogen compounds. This category of recycled wood should not contain any preservatives.


Interior fittings
Organic halogen compounds can often be found on furniture and kitchen components from the recycled wood sector.

PVC sources
Elastic decorative foil and edge banding can be considered relevant PVC sources that qualify the interior fittings as Grade B.

Construction plastics
PVC can also be added to the waste wood by means of plastics from the construction industry, e.g. by plastic fittings on the wood.


Material use
Grade B wood can be repurposed, provided that paint and coatings are largely removed by pre-treatment. Modern treatment technology, such as light material separators, sifting systems or the WKI procedure separate the loosened surface particles and PVC coatings from the rest of the material.

Cost-benefit factor
These complicated procedures for the treatment of Grade B wood should, however, always be considered from a perspective of economic efficiency. The process is no longer cost-effective if the expenditure exceeds the future benefit.

Thermal utilization
Grade B waste wood is used in large-scale plants for thermal recycling. Since incineration requires extensive waste gas cleaning technologies to meet the German Federal Emission Law, use is only economical in biomass combined heat and power plants with a thermal firing capacity of more than 10 MW.

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