Grade A recycled wood

Ideal for material and thermal utilization

Grade A waste wood is unprocessed and untreated. The wood must not have been contaminated with non-wood materials, i.e. show no signs of pollutants. Mechanical processing is not a criterion for exclusion.


Used pallets
Euro or disposable pallets made of solid wood are considered as Grade A wood.

Unprocessed wood
Transport and vegetable containers, planks and boards, interior fittings made of unprocessed solid wood or industrial woods (e.g. veneering residues) are also part of this waste wood category.

Cable drums
Cable drums manufactured after 1989 also fall into the Grade A recycled wood category.


Removing impurities
Pure Grade A recycled wood is primarily used for onward manufacturing. It is therefore important that untreated Grade A wood is consistently separated from the remaining recycled wood and then carefully sorted. Any impurities present, such as foil remnants, nails, rubber or other plastics, are already predominantly separated when the material is purchased.

Specific treatment of the unbroken material follows the initial preliminary sorting. The recycled wood is reduced to small fragments in special shredding machines and screened-off to the desired particle size with a screening unit. During the process, residual impurities are separated-out using automatic sorting devices such as metal or air separators.

Depending on the market opportunities, the different particle sizes are sold to the panel and board industries or undergo further treatment.

We do, of course, also focus on efficiency and short distance transportation during waste wood recycling. The objective is to keep the usage of raw materials on a local level wherever possible. However, since there are only a few industrial sites across Germany where recycled wood can be treated, the recycled wood is also used for thermal utilization and in biomass combined heat and power plants to generate electricity and heat.

Enquiries and contact

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