Landscaping material

Clippings from fields and meadows

We are purchaser of landscape management materials. Regardless of whether the material originates from garden work, landscaping, forestry or tree maintenance, it’s the quality and quantity of the wood that are decisive factors for us.

We utilize landscape management materials to supply power plants with residual wood for energy and heat generation. We can rely on extensive support from our forestry experts when mobilising, purchasing and delivering these raw materials so that we can guarantee a consistently high quality.


Clippings from public green spaces
Branch and shrub cuttings as well as all organic residues from the maintenance of public green spaces, such as parks or residential and traffic areas, can be described as landscape management materials or landscape maintenance wood.

Clippings from fields and farmlands
Materials collected in accordance with of the German Federal Act for the Protection of Nature, as well as cuttings derived from the maintenance of wooded banks and fields, windbreak and field hedges, can also be utilized as energy wood.

Structural characteristics
Whole trunks, treetops or cleanly plucked branch material are ideal for further processing with the wood chipper.

Requirements for thermal utilization

Free from impurities
Branch and shrubbery cuttings must be free from impurities such as metal, earth, stones, roots, leaves, recycled wood and grass cuttings, before they can be used for thermal utilization in biomass combined heat and power plants.


From trunk to wood chips
Since the wood is transported to power plants in the form of wood chips, the starting material should be as straight as possible for insertion purposes. Sharp blades are mounted on the wood chipper which can chop the wood into the particle sizes required by the power plant.

Shorter distances preferred
We usually process roadside wood or wood from tree branch clean-up work into wood chips directly on-site and supply them to our biomass combined heat and power plant customers throughout the region. This allows us to avoid transportation over long distances and encourages renewable material utilization at a local level.

Collection requirements

Framework conditions
The following framework conditions are in place so that stacked landscape maintenance material can be reached on-site as conveniently as possible with a walking floor system and wood chipper:

Routes passable all year round
The landscape maintenance material must be stored in such a way that our HGVs are able to access the storage site, as well as the access and departure routes, all year round. The distance to the public road network should be as short as possible.

Sufficient manoeuvring areas
There should also be sufficient machine floor space for the wood chipper. Ideally, the wood chipper and HGV should be able to stand side by side. The machines can stand one behind the other if the access road is too narrow.

Service for municipalities

Strong partnerships
We have developed a practical and advantageous concept for municipalities. A large amount of branch and shrubbery cuttings are produced during maintenance work in the public spaces of towns and cities. Because we are able to make good use of this material we seek strong partnerships with municipalities.

Disposal made easy
We are the right partner for you if you are looking to lower your current municipal expenditure on third-party disposal of branch and shrub cuttings. Depending on the quality of the cuttings, we will propose a rewarding and lucrative alternative to the poor returns received from selling wood residues to a disposal company.

Act now!
Save on costs and make a valuable contribution to the renewable energy revolution by supporting regional power generation from renewable raw materials. We’ll be happy to provide you with more details!

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