Energy recovery as an incentive

Interest in renewable raw materials is booming in these times of climate change and carbon footprint concerns. We also promote the sustainable management of existing resources.

We are your purchaser of residual wood materials and other waste products and can assure you of a reliable and regular supply.

We make sure that the renewable materials are repurposed over several stages. This strategy, known as ‘cascade utilization’, permits a particularly sustainable and efficient use of materials. We decide on how materials are to be used, based on their quality. While we supply high-quality residual wood materials to the wood-based materials industry for onward processing, we source sub-standard materials directly for thermal utilization. This allows us to not only reduce environmental impact, but also achieve the maximum value for our products, such as recycled wood, sawdust or forest wood residues.

Our product range is continuously evolving, and constantly being optimized. We react to the market and are constantly on the lookout for new, long-term supplier partnerships.

You will gain a comprehensive overview of the raw materials we source on the following pages. We look forward to hearing from you!