Waste incineration

Energy from refuse

Waste incineration plants (WIP) and power plants fired by substitute fuels (SFP) not only provide a positive use for waste, but also contribute to the reduction in the amount of waste for landfill disposal.

SFP power plants utilize pre-treated waste as a substitute fuel in thermal recycling. This waste has a high calorific value and an efficient energy content.

As a plant operator, you can benefit from our reliable supply chain. We will be happy to secure your fuel quantity and agree long-term supply contracts.

Our suppliers

Our partners
Our fixed supplier base includes, among others, municipal waste recyclers, private waste disposal companies, recycling centres and container services.

Supply quantities
We source fixed delivery quantities from our suppliers according to each contract or acquire spot volumes according to market demand.

Reliable supply
Our wide-ranging supplier network is crucial in ensuring that our power plant customers are always supplied with the desired quantities.

Obstacles? We can handle them!

Reliable on-time delivery
We are well-placed to quickly find a solution for you even in the event of weather-related difficulties or traffic problems, thanks to our long-standing supply network and reliable storage concept.

Monitoring the market
We always keep our eyes on the market and can offset local delivery shortages thanks to our trans-regional supply network.

Customer satisfaction
We welcome challenges and treat them as opportunities for us to seek out more flexible and efficient solutions that will enhance our customers’ experience.

Enquiries and orders

Find out more about our supply capabilities. We can reliably supply municipal and industrial waste to waste incineration plants and power plants fired by substitute fuels. We will be happy to discuss your needs:  just give us a call - on +49 4293 78 94 340, or fill out our enquiry form.

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