Our services as a full supplier at a glance

Supply concepts completely based on your requirements

Each power plant has its own set of requirements that must be fulfilled by the plant operator. With this in mind, and understanding your needs and potential concerns, we have developed our ’full service package’. We adapt flexibly to new challenges, which makes us your ideal partner even before the power plant goes on the grid.

We individually assess our preferred contract types to meet the different invoicing models for each of our customers. Our various contract types are based on the seven most important requirements of our fuel customers that have emerged over many years of cooperation with power plant operators.

We will be happy to discuss your needs so that we can find the best possible solution!

Our seven key contractual elements

This is what counts
Together with our power plant customers, we have precisely defined what is important in a long-term partnership. We have compiled the following key factors and integrated them into our contracts.

1. Reliability
The fuel must ALWAYS be available; this is what we guarantee, backed-up by collateral such as pledges, penalties etc.

2. Quality
The fuel quality significantly determines the economic success of the power plant. We guarantee compliance with our customers’ stipulated fuel specifications.

3.1 Origin
The fuel origin forms the basis for the remuneration for renewable resource power plants based on the former and new Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG). This is why we record the loading point, i.e. the original source, on our delivery note.

3.2 Transparency
We also satisfy these criteria with recycled wood projects, since transparency is a fundamental part of our company’s philosophy. We are also PEFC™ and ISO 14001 certified.

4. Contract period
We plan for the long term and thus maintain contracts of up to 20 years’ duration. Equally, we can respond quickly and flexibly, meaning that we are happy to put our service capabilities to the test by fulfilling quarterly supply contracts.

5. Reporting
We offer our customers the opportunity of obtaining an overview of the material that has already been delivered as well as a preview of future consignments. Weekly, monthly and annual reports are standard practice with us and allow the customer to get an accurate analysis and evaluation of the raw materials received. 

6. Price
Pricing stability allows for reliable planning and maximises profitability. We work with various indexes, fixed price or open-book models. Our prices can refer to the ’Lutro’ ton, the ’Atro’ ton, loosely packed cubic metres or a price per MW/hr. We are willing and able to apply a bonus-malus system rewarding better calorific values, lower ash contents etc.  

7. Other
We understand that from time-to-time you may need to suspend deliveries – due to force majeure or other factors, and we make provision for these occasional interruptions within our contractual agreements.

Your benefits at a glance

What we stand for
You can count on our reliability, transparency and trust – we won’t let you down! You can expect the following from a business relationship with Brüning-Megawatt GmbH:

  • A single owner-run group of companies
  • Your own dedicated contact to manage your account
  • A large team – more than 100 people look after our customer’s interests
  • A dedicated acquisition team, ensuring constant flow of material.

Pan-European logistics

  • Our very own logistics department ensuring seamless transport solutions. Operating tight supply chains allows us to provide even more cost-effective and environmentally-friendly transportation.
  • A broadly diversified supplier network, even on an international level, meaning we can absorb local supply shortages
  • Delivery reliability, even in adverse road conditions, thanks to our winter storage concept.

Reliable partnership

  • Optimum planning and fuel storage for holidays and audits
  • Products that conform to EEG-2012 with proof of origin
  • A commitment to keep up-to-date with the current political, legal and commercial environment
  • A reliable and solvent business partner
  • The option of contractually agreeing collateral liabilities
  • Market transparency by means of an open book policy with a bonus-malus option.


Let us tailor a quote to your needs and we’ll convince you of our expertise in providing the full supply of waste wood to your power plant. Simply give us a call on +49 4293 78 94 340 - we look forward to hearing from you!

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