Recycled wood power plants

Effectively utilizing used wood

Wood-based materials and solid woods that exceed the permitted level of pollutants and limit values can be deployed in recycled wood power plants. Smaller plants primarily use uncontaminated Category A and B recycled wood, while larger plants from approx. 10 MW can incinerate the whole waste wood range from Categories A I to C.

The goal is to gradually replace the primary energy sources such as coal, oil or natural gas, generating upwards of 20 per cent of the required energy through renewable sources by 2020.

As a power plant customer, you can rely on us. We can fully adapt to your system’s needs and develop a customized supply concept that will deliver rewards.

Our suppliers

Fixed partners
Our fixed supplier base includes, among others, recyclers, container services, pallet recyclers and municipal waste recyclers.

Quantities by agreement
We source fixed delivery quantities from our suppliers according to each contract or acquire spot volumes as dictated by market requirements.

Regularly in contact
We can always provide our power plant customers with the desired quantities thanks to long-term and regular contact with our broad supplier network.

Obstacles? We can handle them!

Ready for anything
A harsher winter, black ice on the roads, holidays or traffic problems can often result in restricted deliveries. But not for us – we are prepared for these incidents and can quickly find a solution thanks to our uninterrupted raw material supplies and reliable storage concept.

Monitoring the market
We offset local supply shortages by means of our wide supply network, so that your goods will reach their destination as planned. We constantly monitor the ever-changing market on behalf of our customers. We always work in accordance with the latest legal requirements and follow market developments and innovations.

Customer satisfaction
We don't see obstacles as problems, instead treat them as prompts for us to seek out more flexible and efficient solutions that will enhance our customers’ experience.


Why not request a customized quote now for the full supply of your recycled wood power plant, and let us convince you of our capabilities? Simply give us a call on +49 4293 78 94 340. We look forward to talking to you!

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