Fresh wood power plants

Renewable resources in focus

Renewable energies, sustainability and renewable materials are the way forward. Fresh wood power plants need organic fuel – and what could be more suitable for this purpose than wood derived from landscape maintenance, residual forest wood or even wood from fuel-wood plantations planted specifically for energy generation?

As a power plant customer, you can rely on us. We can fully adapt to your requirements and develop a customized supply concept that meets all your needs.

Our suppliers

Materials procurement
We work closely with forestry, gardening and landscaping companies, but also with cities and municipalities as part of our procurement activities for fresh wood power plants.

A large amount of residual wood is produced as a result of necessary road and land clearance, as well as from maintenance work in public spaces, all of which provide an ideal energy wood source for fresh wood power plants. Even residual forest wood torn down by heavy storms is ideal for thermal recycling.

Central storage spaces
We retain branches and shrub material in central storage areas until we have a sufficient amount to chop the wood directly into a moving floor container and transport it to the power plant.

A focus on regional sourcing
Our priority is to supply regional raw materials for each of our power plant clients. Working closely with our logistics department, we achieve shorter transport routes. We only exceed a journey distance of 100 km in emergencies. We also favour regional companies for wood chipping.

Obstacles? We can handle them!

Ready for anything
A harsher winter, black ice on the roads, holidays or traffic problems can lead to restricted delivery possibilities. But not for us – we are prepared for these incidents and can quickly find a solution, thanks to our long-term supply network and reliable storage concept.

Monitoring the market
We offset local supply shortages by means of our wide supply network, meaning that your materials will reach their destination as planned. We constantly keep an eye on the ever-changing market on our customers’ behalf. We always work in accordance with the latest legal requirements and follow market developments and innovations.

Customer satisfaction
We don't see obstacles as problems, but instead look upon them as opportunities for us to seek out  more flexible and efficient solutions that will enhance our customers’ experience.


Let us convince you of our capabilities in the full supply to biomass combined heat and power plants. We can even design an individual ’full service package’ for your system.  Just give us a call on +49 4293 78 94 320 or use our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!

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