Fuel for heating plants

Are you an investor planning to build a biomass power plant? Or are you on the lookout for a reliable supplier for your existing power plant? Then we are your point of contact!

We currently serve over 120 power plants across Europe with partial quantities and are the sole supplier of renewable materials to 13 power plants. We are a reliable partner in providing a suitable fuel concept, thanks to our many years of experience and expertise in renewable energies. No matter whether you want to operate a plant in the recycled wood or fresh wood sector, we can support you from the earliest planning stage, and subsequently recommend our ’full service package’ for the next step forward - as your full supplier of raw materials.

Our company stands for sustainability in dealing with existing resources. It is for this reason that the solid fuels we supply - from industry, forestry and landscape management – have no further productive use.

We follow prevailing market conditions and always think one step ahead in our planning and delivery.

As experts in the legal requirements stipulated by the Renewable Energy Sources Act 2009 and 2012, we also understand how to secure the best possible return on investment for you as a power plant operator by strictly adhering to, and documenting, the quality of materials supplied.

We are active in wood energy extraction throughout Europe and are able to mobilize the necessary wood for supply to our power plant customers, differentiating in what we supply to fresh and recycled wood power plants. Our aim is to always ensure the best possible quality, at a reasonable price-performance ratio. See for yourself!