Comprehensive supply

Our ’Full Service’ package

Over the last 20+ years we have established a successful track record in the energy-yielding bulk renewable commodities market. We began by providing partial supply to various types of power plant. We are able to deliver materials of the right quality in the necessary quantities. Over time, we have also become experts in the full supply of biomass to power plants.

The sourcing of material to heat and power plants is very time-consuming, requiring considerable planning on the part of operators. We are conscious of this fact because you, as plant operators, are completely dependent on the reliability and flexibility of your suppliers. Any system downtimes can lead to horrendous costs – and this is exactly what we want to help mitigate!

We have put together our ’full service package’ to meet these requirements for biomass combined heat and power plants. We have developed a unique full supply concept that we will individually tailor to your power plant. We take care of this vital aspect of your day-to-day business operations, since the concept is very much tailored to the technical requirements and conditions of your system.

The great benefit to you of our taking on this responsibility, is that we systematically purchase the necessary fuels, preventing any shortage or excess of material. Our reliable teams also ensure the optimum supply before holidays and audits so that your plant can run seamlessly.