Brüning Group expansion

Acquisition of companies as a long-term goal

Within the company's growth strategy, Managing Director Arnd Brüning has set himself clear goals for the near future. Internationalization processes as well as the expansion of product portfolios and core competencies are key targets.

But Arnd Brüning is also looking at opportunities beyond the company's boundaries: among the most important future issues, will be the acquisition of additional companies that will efficiently complement and expand the Brüning Group's range of products and services.

Gebrüder Meyer GmbH in Mölln (since 2018)

That fits!

Gebrüder Meyer GmbH has been part of the Brüning Group since 2018. With its own fleet of trucks and a similar product range, the company has complemented our existing business right from the start. In addition, it offers a truck workshop and two warehouses on-site.

Completely integrated

Within a few weeks of the purchase, the company has already perfectly integrated itself into the businesses of Brüning Megawatt, Brüning Euromulch and Brüning Logistik. Today Gebrüder Meyer GmbH is one of the largest production sites for bark mulch and bark products in Germany.

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Gebrüder Meyer GmbH
Ratzeburger Street 45
23879 Mölln