Wood pellets

Eco-friendly heating

Anyone who wants to heat sustainably, and with maximum energy efficiency, is on the right track with pellets. Consisting of wood, the only fuel that can be referred to as CO2-neutral because it only releases as much carbon dioxide into the environment during the combustion process as was previously bound in the growth process, the environmentally friendly fuel in small stick form is becoming increasingly popular.

Since pellets are made of the raw material wood, they must be dry to ensure good combustion. The heating value of pellets is approx. 4.8 kWh/kg based on pellets with a moisture content of 20 % (w20). Therefore, the heating value can deviate when the moisture content changes. In addition, valid pellet standards in Germany regulate the maximum ash content, among other things. According to ENPlus, the ash content of pellets in class A1 may not exceed 0.7 % and in class A2 1.5 %. For DINPlus the ash content is max. 0.5 %.

An additional incentive for the energy source wood pellets: From January 2020, the replacement of old oil heating systems with new, more efficient and climate-friendly systems has been promoted with the exchange premium for oil heating systems - a further step towards the energy transition. In the long run, this not only protects the environment, but heating with wood fuels such as pellets is also more cost-effective, considering the price (increase) of heating oil and gas.

Characteristics and quality

Shape and colour
Wood pellets are made from dried, natural sawmill by-products such as sawdust, wood shavings and wood chips. The diameter of our pellets is 6 mm and 8 mm. They have an even length distribution. Also their colour is even, light brown to brown.

ENplus certificate
Assured quality: The DEPI (German Pellet Institute) certifies according to "ENplus". This ensures that you, as a customer, will receive high-quality pellets for efficient, low-emission and trouble-free heating. Our products carry the "ENplus" certificate, and we also strive to achieve even higher standards every day.

For environment
The topic of sustainability is very important to us. As certified dealers and warehouse keepers we are entitled to offer certified wood pellets of the quality classes ENplus A1, ENplus A2 and ENplus B. Our pellets are pressed under high pressure without chemical binders. Only up to two percent pressing additives like starch may be added.

Trading with philosophy

Purchasing network
The origin of our products and the continuous availability of goods play an important role for us. Thanks to long-term business relationships, we have created a network with which we reliably purchase quality pellets from competent regional producers and suppliers throughout the year.

Trading in the B2B sector
We act as an interface between dealers and key accounts. Power plants are part of our customer base. We stand for smooth processes, experience and reliability - delivery by delivery, loose or bagged. This is our promise to our customers.

Growing and understanding
Our goal is to meet the increased demand on the market for high-quality pellets, while constantly expanding production capacities and supplier networks to obtain the required quantities. Our experience and the cooperation with our national and international partners help us to achieve this.

Request and orders

We offer you the most suitable wood pellets according to your needs. The scope of delivery usually is 23 to 25 tons, which corresponds to a walking floor. In close consultation we will be pleased to provide you with an offer tailored to you and your needs.

We will be pleased to support you with any open questions. You can reach our responsible employees under:

Nadine Bogdanksi, +49 4293 78 94 215

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