Wood chips

The preferred border mulch

Our sawmill wood chips are highly popular, thanks to their long durability. The beneficial properties of wood chips also include a good level of permeability and elasticity with almost no dust generation.

Sawmill wood chips can be used in a wide variety of applications. Whether for landscaping, as a substitute for bark mulch in flower beds, to cover floors at large events, to create an impact-absorbing surface for play areas or for further processing in the wood-based materials industry – we can offer the most suitable material.

Wood chips for flower beds

An alternative to bark mulch
Wood chips can be used as an ecologically viable alternative to bark mulch. They are suitable as an aesthetic bed covering in the garden or in public spaces and create bright accents.

Erosion protection
Soil loss due to wind or rain is reduced since wood chips protect the earth against erosion. At the same time, the mulch layer keeps the temperature close to the ground stable, so that constant growth conditions prevail for plant roots.

Layer cover
We recommend applying the wood chips at a depth of 5-10 cm for use in garden beds and as a cover under trees and shrubs. The soil is sufficiently protected at this thickness and the weeds are given the opportunity to germinate.

Wood chips as an impact-absorbing surface

Colour selection
Our impact-absorbing wood chips are especially tailored for playground surfaces in their natural colour or, on request, in the decorative colours of ochre yellow, terracotta, cherry red, maroon, black, fir green or ocean blue.

Particle sizes
These are certified by the TÜV in accordance with DIN EN 1177:2008 and in the particle sizes 05–30 mm and 05–50 mm.

Fall height legislation
It is a legal requirement to provide shock-absorbing flooring beneath playground equipment with a fall height of 60 cm.

Wood chips for large event flooring

Temporary use
Wood chips are particularly suitable as temporary flooring, covering surfaces that are used by large numbers of people or vehicles.

In outdoor areas
Festivals and other large-scale outdoor events have relied upon wood chip ground cover for many years.

Puddle prevention
The material is elastic, binds on dust when dry and inhibits the formation of puddles. As a result, the surface remains easily passable even in bad weather conditions.

Wood chips to cover equestrian surfaces

For a secure tread
Whether in the hall or the outdoor arena, our wood chips can be used to cover equestrian surfaces reliably and in a wide range of circumstances. They improve the stability and impact-absorption, so that the ligaments and joints of horses are treated gently.

Puddle protection
The many small gaps in a wood chip equestrian surface allow water to be quickly drained off and the area will be fit for use very soon after a rain shower.

Inhibiting weed growth
Once a surface is covered with wood chips, it not only looks more visually appealing, it also contributes to preventing unwanted weeds from spreading into less-used areas.

Decorative wood chips

Our special offer
We can offer high-quality decorative wood chips in seven different colour variants, on request. These include conifer mixtures of Douglas fir, pine, larch and spruce.

Our wood chips are sourced from complete timber logs. The proportion of heart wood is up to 85 per cent. This makes the material very durable and weather-resistant.

A world of colour
We can supply wood chips in ochre yellow, terracotta, cherry red, maroon, black, fir green or ocean blue and in a particle size of 10–35 mm.
Discover the colourful range for your gardens, driveways, terraces or playgrounds now!

Wood chips for the wood-based materials industry

Perfect base material
Our sawmill wood chips are used as a raw material for the wood processing industry.

For board manufacture
One of their most popular applications is for the manufacture of chip boards and wood fibre insulation boards.

For the paper industry
Wood chips from sawmills are also used in the pulp and paper industry.

Enquiries and orders

Thanks to a supplier network spread throughout Germany we can always source the right product for you, whatever your desired application. The minimum purchasing quantity is 20 m3. If you have a specific requirement, please call us and we can happily prepare an individual quote for you. We can be reached by calling +49 4293 78 94 200 or using our enquiry form. As a wholesale company, we exclusively supply to commercial customers.

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