Sawmill by-products

Wood wastes with residual value

We have a ready use for the residual wood produced by industrial sawing. As experts in sawmill wood chips, cap timber, saw and milling shavings, we successfully supply the wood-based materials industry and pelletizers.

Sawmill wood chips

Durable with low dust
Our customers are impressed by the long durability of our sawmill wood chips. The beneficial properties of wood chips also include a good level of permeability and elasticity with almost no dust generation.

Sawmill wood chips can be used in a wide variety of applications - whether as a substitute for bark mulch in flower beds, to cover floors at large events, to create an impact-absorbing surface for play areas or for further processing in the wood-based materials industry.

This is what we offer
We have the most suitable material for your needs. Our overview about the use of wood chips can be found here.

Slab timber

A positive by-product
Slab timber is an industrial wood produced by log sorting companies and sawmills.  It is a by-product created when logs or trunk wood is cut to into desired lengths. 

Its length is approx. 35 cm depending on the saw setting of the supplying company.

Slab timber is suitable for the production of chip board, OSB or MDF boards and can also be reprocessed into firewood.


Valuable wood waste
Our sawdust is a fine wood waste by-product,  generated during timber production using saw-cutting equipment.

We successfully repurpose this sawdust, supplying it to the pellet and wood-based materials industry. Here it is used to produce pellets and wood boards, or in combination with cement as wood concrete, among many other applications.

In the stable
Wood chips have also proven their worth as bedding for stables as well as for heating purposes in the form of briquettes.

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