Raw bark

Pine and spruce

Raw bark accumulates as a natural by-product when logs are de-barked in sawmills. Historically, this would have been degraded to waste, but today can be used in a variety of applications.

The resulting bark is mainly used as a raw material in the production of mulch and humus but can also be used as a soil cover for larger areas. It also has thermal applications and is a fuel source for combined heat and power plants.

Brüning Euromulch sells raw pine and spruce bark all over Europe through our in-house logistics department.


Pine bark has a high resin content. This, together with its thickened texture, makes it weather-resistant and water-repellent.

Needs-based application
Nevertheless, the mulch layer is exposed to the natural decomposition process and decays at varying speeds depending on the height of the top layer. The material must therefore be refilled or replaced on an individual basis, as necessary.

Inhibits weed growth
The tannic acid present in the bark and the very small amount of nitrogen, inhibit the germination of seed-propagated weeds. The gardener’s workload is therefore significantly reduced when maintaining flower beds, especially in green public areas.

Spruce bark

Spruce bark has a fibrous structure. It is also darker and thinner than stone pine bark. The pH value of the bark ranges from weak acid to neutral. This value is beneficial to the majority of plants because the necessary nutrients are freely available in the soil.

Inhibits weed growth
The rough surface of the spruce bark inhibits the germination of seed-propagated weeds. These weeds are not able to find a nutrient basis. As a result, the visual quality of the planting on the mulch surface is enhanced.

Decomposition process
Spruce bark decomposes significantly faster than pine bark due to its fibrous texture. The resulting humus has a beneficial effect on soil life.

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