The base for vegetable substrates

Our peat products are purely natural. The organic sediment is formed in bogs, when dead plant residues cannot fully decompose in the absence of oxygen. Peat has very good biological, chemical and physical characteristics that are crucial in the production of culture media.


It’s all in the mix
When a deposit contains 30 per cent organic matter and the remainder is water and minerals, it is referred to as ’peat’. An ideal raw material, peat can be mixed into functional substrates with other components as required.

pH value experts
As a result, the pH value of the soil can be adjusted to suit the needs of the plant. For example, Blueberry plantations or plants and woody shrubs that prefer acidic soil especially benefit from the addition of peat.

Retention capacity
Peat’s water retention capacity has great horticultural value.  Its cells can store up to 15 to 30 times more water even after becoming very dry.


In commercial horticulture
Peat provides the most important base for high-quality culture substrates in commercial horticulture.

For gardens and allotments
Vegetables, fruit and ornamental plants also benefit enormously from these substrates.

As a growing medium
Peat is also used in the horticultural trade to produce plant and potting soil for hobby gardeners. It enhances soil fertility for the flowering process in gardens, indoors or on the balcony.

Enquiries and orders

Brüning Euromulch specialize in supplying peat for all of the above applications and can deliver virtually any mix you specify via our pan-European supplier network.
You can choose from white, brown or black peat; in fine or coarse grade, and we will supply the material in bulk via HGV or loose consignments via ship.
We enjoy a challenge – and would be happy to advise you and deliver the best raw material or special substrate for your needs.  Just get in touch!

Christina Flashar – your point of contact for commercial horticulture and peat, phone: +49 4293 7894 211

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