Wood shavings

The classic choice

Among our other bedding products, our wood shavings remain highly popular with poultry and horse owners. We always keep the welfare of animals in mind and therefore only produce purely natural products, which we can deliver from regional sawmill companies within just a few days - thanks to our extensive supplier network and in-house logistics department.


Natural without additives
Our wood shavings are purely natural. The untreated shavings made of softwood are dry, soft and free of chemical additives. 

Absorbent and dust-resistant
Wood shavings are a popular choice because of their simple application. They offer outstanding absorbency as bedding in stables and they also bind odours. They are extremely dust-resistant so that an optimal atmosphere in the stables in ensured.

Efficient and economical
Wood shavings have an abundant scattering volume. They are economical, environmentally-friendly in their application and ensure hygiene in the stables.


For poultry sheds
Poultry are very much at home on a soft surface made of wood shavings, which offer ultimate comfort, especially for chicks, because of their springy texture. At the same time, this type of bedding also encourages the birds to scratch around.

For horse stables
Horses also like to stand on wood shavings. Ligaments and joints are protected, thanks to the high elasticity of the floor covering. Wood shavings also have a soft and pliable texture, so they do not disintegrate under the weight of the animals.

Sawdust for cowsheds
Sawdust is another name for screened wood shavings. Cows especially prefer this soft, elastic material, which enhances their lying comfort. This in turn promotes a long-term increase in milk production.

Enquiries and orders

We supply our dry wood shavings directly to your farm, loose via a moving floor system or HGV container. We also offer the material in 25 kg bags.

We offer screened sawdust (pig meal) in 18 kg bags.

For further information, call our expert Björn Plate directly on +49 38207 76 982 465, or complete our enquiry form. We look forward to discussing your needs.

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