Straw pellets

Simply efficient

Dry and mould-free straw provides the starting material for the production of our pellets. This is ground into a fine powder and then pressed into pellets while being subjected to heat and pressure. Easy handling, low dust generation and less manure, are just three of the reasons why our straw pellets remain so popular...


Natural without additives

Our straw pellets are a pure natural product. The heat generated during the production process ensures that the bedding is sterile. We deliberately refrain from using artificial additives. As a result, the straw pellets are particularly harmless for humans and animals with allergies.

For a healthy stable

The material is very absorbent due to its dryness and enormous compaction. Low dust generation has a positive effect on the overall atmosphere within the stables. The material also neutralizes unpleasant odours, meaning that the animals can feel totally at ease.

Efficient and economical

Bedding made from pellets has a significantly better absorption capacity than straw or shavings, for example. The material is more cost-effective over the long term compared to its competitors, thanks to this improved efficiency. The workload needed for cleaning manure is also reduced and disposal is easier.


For horses and poultry
Straw pellets are especially effective in horse and poultry stables.  The combination of this excellent raw material with our advanced production process produces an impressive result.

Benefits for hooves
Since straw pellets are gradually crushed by horses, they have a particularly positive effect on the condition of the hooves.

In calf stables
Not only does the increased tread and lying comfort promote the health of the smallest stable inhabitants; but the soft surface reduces the risk of slipping and remains constantly dry, thanks to its enormous absorbency.

Enquiries and orders

Would you like to use our straw pellets in your stables? We can supply you with the material loose in bulk bags with a weight of approx. 800 or 1,000 kg. We are also happy to supply large quantities of loose goods by moving floor system or with container HGVs. We look forward to receiving your enquiry.

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