Straw granules

Comfort to suit your needs

As with the pellets, dry, crushed, mould-free straw is also the starting material for our granules. This is ground into a fine powder and then pressed into pellet form while being subjected to heat and pressure and finally broken up to form a granule.

We specialize in straw granules and, thanks to the refinements offered by our own granule processing machines, are able to produce different particle sizes of between 0.5 and 6 mm depending on your requirements.


Natural without additives
Our straw granules are composed entirely of conifer wood and are a purely natural product. We avoid using to artificial additives. The material is heated to such an extent during production that germs are successfully killed.

Absorbent and dust-free
Straw granules neutralize unpleasant odours and are very absorbent. Dust is not an issue either, since our granules are screened before delivery. These properties have a beneficial effect on the overall atmosphere in the stables, resulting in long-term increased economic efficiency.

Efficient and economical
Straw granules have a significantly better absorption capacity than straw or shavings, for example. Compared to various alternatives, the material is more cost-effective over the long term, thanks to this better efficiency. The workload needed for cleaning manure is also reduced and disposal is easier.


For poultry breeding
Straw granules used for bedding are the perfect solution in poultry sheds. They're loose and the hens can scratch around with ease. The material is also good for the soles of the birds’ feet.

In calf sheds
The material offers lying comfort and hygiene. It increases the cleanliness in the sheds, neutralises odours and binds dust – your animals will thank you!

In the horse stall
This dry, soft and elastic substrate is easy on the horse's joints. The granules also have a heat-insulating effect.

Enquiries and orders

Can we interest you in our straw granules? Then please fill out the following form or call our expert Björn Plate directly on +49 38207 76 982 465.

We supply loose granules in bulk bags at a weight of approx. 700 or 1,000 kg. For larger quantities we can deliver via moving floor system or HGV container. Our in-house granule processing machines allow us to also offer particle sizes from 0.5 to 6 mm on request. Just ask!

We can supply the most suitable products directly to your farm in just a few days, quickly and efficiently, thanks to our short transport routes and close cooperation with our in-house logistics team. We deliver when it counts the most.

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