Fresh and dry

Like you, we believe that your animals should feel comfortable in their stables. Sawdust is a particularly suitable bedding for cows, offering many advantages to promote their comfort. You’ll be delighted with our pure, natural product.


Untreated and natural

Anyone who orders our sawdust receives a completely natural product, which is predominantly obtained from softwood. This is not only very skin-friendly, but also high in tread- and resting-comfort.

A healthy environment

Bacterial growth in cowsheds is a serious problem and can lead to rapid deterioration in hygiene. Sawdust, being more hygienic than straw and similar materials, is a suitable preventative to bacterial spread - and will almost completely neutralise odours.

Pure efficiency

Not only does sawdust offer easy and convenient handling, but it also helps keep the cowshed clean. This is because with the right bedding, the cowshed will be less prone to dust.


For increased comfort

Sawdust provides cows with an elastic, soft floor covering, that is very easy on bovine joints. At the same time, it has a heat-insulating effect, leading to additional benefits for animal welfare.

Optimised milk production

Greater lying comfort results in more milk, so in addition to the beneficial effect of the cows’ increased comfort, sawdust bedding has a more economically practical result in increasing their milk production.

Advantages in the cowshed

You will find that animal comfort is significantly increased by the use of sawdust as a bedding product, with improved hygiene in the cowshed. So, this extremely absorbent product is also a natural means of promoting animal health and welfare.

Orders and information

Would you like to use our fresh sawdust in your cowsheds? Large quantities (from 80 m3) are delivered loose on a moving floor or with a container lorry. Dry sawdust is also delivered in bagged form. We’ll be happy to answer any.

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