Mixed wood

The optimum mix for the fireplace

If you are looking for a cost-effective wood fuel alternative, we can recommend our mixed wood.

We can supply a premium mix of different firewood variants based entirely on your wishes. Our in-house production facility in Röbel offers a combination of beech and ash, for example. But a mix of alder, birch and oak is also easily obtainable.

We would be happy to supply you with our oak wood offcuts on request, which will provide you with a particularly cost-effective alternative to our premium firewood.

Calorific value and log lengths

What is important?
The calorific value of wood products is determined by their residual moisture content. Our kiln-dried mixed firewood has a residual moisture content of under 25 per cent at its core. Compared to pure beech or ash, mixed wood generally has a lower calorific value.

A comparison
The calorific value of oak is comparable to beech, with a guideline value of 2100 KWh/rm. Oak is a fuel better suited to stoves, which almost exclusively contribute to heat production. While oak burns very slowly, it is in no way inferior to other types of wood. 

Birch has a calorific value of approx. 1900 KWh/rm, which means that it burns relatively quickly at medium heat. This is particularly desirable for open fireplaces, since rapid burning generates heat relatively quickly.

Incidentally, did you know that fresh birch wood can also be used for heating, because of its inherent essential oils? 

Right at the bottom of our ranking comes Alder, with a calorific value of only 1500 KWh/rm.

Cut lengths
Our range includes mixed wood primarily in cut length of 30cm (+/- 3 cm). But please feel free to contact us if you need other lengths, such as 25 or 50 cm.

Seal of quality

Only the best
We work according to the quality criteria set by the Federal Association of Fuel Wood Trade and Fuel Wood Production, and we attend the Association’s annual advanced training sessions.  Our customers enjoy the benefits of this commitment through the resultant excellent quality of our firewood!

The Federal Association prescribes the following quality guidelines: Regardless of the wood species and the degree of drying, firewood should

- Be externally dry and clean

- Be free of pests and non-definable coverings or discolouration

- Have a mixed wood content of less than 10 per cent as a pure wood species

- Have a neutral smell

- Correspond to the quantity and quality indicated in the manufacturer’s classification (e.g. invoice or order sheet).

Further information
We offer top quality – and competent advice! Feel free to contact us regarding our modern and sustainable wood drying methods. We will be happy to assist if you have any further queries.

Enquiries and orders

We sell our wood mixtures in loose bundles from a quantity of 60 cubic metres. The kiln-dried wood contains 80 loose cubic metres per load.

We’re also happy to supply smaller packing units or palletised goods. Our Timber MacPom production facility sells firewood in cartons, net bags and carrier bags for onward re-sale.

We look forward to receiving your request by phone at +49 4293 78 94 200 or via our form.

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