Beech - beech firewood

The most popular firewood in Germany

Beech is one of the most popular woods in Germany. This is not only due to the widespread distribution of copper beeches in our regional forests (beechwood makes up approx. 14 per cent of forest stocks), but also due to its unrivalled characteristics as a fuel wood.

Compared to other fuel woods, such as spruce, beech has absolutely no resinous properties, meaning that crackling and sparks during the burning process are extremely rare occurrences.

Calorific value and log lengths

The decisive factor
The calorific value of wood products is determined by the residual moisture content of the wood. Our kiln-dried beech firewood has a residual moisture content of under 25 per cent. We have determined this value in accordance with the criteria set by the Federal Association of Fuel Wood, based on the universally-recognised three-point measurement method.

Three-point measurement method
This procedure, in accordance with the Federal Association's measurement method, is as follows:
Choose a standard log, split the log in the centre, choose one half of the log and measure it at three points across the fibre. Then add up the measurement values and divide by three. This gives the mean moisture content of the log, which should be below 25per cent.

Cutting length
Our range includes fresh or kiln-dried beech wood in the following log lengths (to +/- 3 cm): 25 cm, 30 cm and 50 cm. The beech wood is characterized by a very high calorific value, it burns evenly and quietly. Warmth is retained for a long time thanks to consistent ember formation. Our firewood is suitable for use in slow-burning stoves and soapstone stoves.

Seal of quality

Only the best
We work according to the quality criteria set by the Federal Association of Fuel Wood Trade and Fuel Wood Production, and we attend the Association’s annual advanced training sessions.  Our customers enjoy the benefits of this commitment through the resultant excellent quality of our firewood!

The Federal Association sets the following quality guidelines: regardless of the wood species and the degree of drying, firewood should:

- Be externally dry and clean

- Be free of pests and non-definable coverings or discolouration

- Have a mixed wood content of less than 10 per cent as a pure wood species

- Have a neutral smell

- Correspond to the quantity and quality indicated by the manufacturer’s classification (e.g. invoice or order sheet)

Further information
We offer top quality – and competent advice! Feel free to contact us about our modern and sustainable wood drying methods. We will be happy to assist if you have any further queries.

Enquiries and orders

You can order our fresh beechwood in minimum purchase quantities of 60 loose cubic metres. This amounts to approx. 80 loose cubic metres for kiln-dried beechwood.

Feel free to contact us if you require smaller packing units or palletised goods. Our Timber MacPom production facility also sells firewood in cartons, net bags and carrier bags for onward re-sale.

We know you’ll be impressed by our reliable delivery and consistent quality – simply enquire and we'll be happy to help. You can reach us by calling +49 4293 78 94 200 or using our enquiry form.

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