Fuel wood in excellent firewood quality

Beech, ash and individual wood mixtures

We are your reliable firewood suppliers. Extensive experience in the market, together with our membership of the Federal Association of Fuel Wood Trade and Fuel Wood Production make us a strong business partner. We conduct a transparent and honest trade in household firewood.

The firewood we produce stands out both for its reliable quality and for being locally produced. By 2013 the enviable reputation that we had built up in the market place prompted us to take over Timber MacPom's firewood production facility in Röbel.

In addition to our existing delivery of loosely bundled firewood, we are now able to offer fresh and dry firewood of varying cutting lengths and in additional packaging units - thanks to a modern splitting, drying and packing system.

Find out more about our different varieties of fuel wood and see how unique our quality is for yourself.