Stone pine bark and mulch

The special highlight for landscapes

Stone pine bark in our premium décor quality really brings out the best in your garden as a universally applicable surface cover and can be used as a sustainable fertilizer at the same time.

Our stone pine bark consists of up to 100% Pinus Maritima (Pinus Pinaster) and grows in the Mediterranean region. Pine is also known under the names: Bordeaux Pine, Hedgehog Pine, Star Pine, Sea Pine, Sea Beach Pine or Beach Pine.  Long-standing relationships with our suppliers in Southern Europe enable us to guarantee consistency of quality.


Premium quality
Stone pine bark is not shredded into different fractions but freed from the fibrous part of the tree using a special screening technique. This gentle method ensures its outstanding qualities.

Benefitting soil and plants
A layer of stone pine bark is perfect as a long-term fertiliser, while suppressing weed growth at the same time. The mulch keeps the soil evenly cool and moist. The bark then provides optimal frost protection for plant roots during the winter.

Less moss
The bark is air-permeable in every particle size and does not gather as much moss as other mulch materials. This maintains the attractiveness of the substance over a longer period.


Stunning appearance
Stone pine bark is characterized by its orange-reddish colouring and a pleasant Mediterranean fragrance. These properties make the mulch a very special material, which can also be used inside, for example to decorate exhibition booths or in greenhouses.

Long durability
One major benefit of stone pine is its long active duration. It rots on a significantly slower basis compared to spruce bark, for example, and has to be re-mulched much less.

pH neutral
Stone pine mulch has a milder and more neutral effect on the pH value of the soil than native bark mulch. It also binds significantly less nitrogen. This remains in the soil for the plants.


In flower beds
Stone pine bark is suitable for all types of soil. However, it is essential to remove all weeds from the ground before applying the material. Stone pine bark is a particularly attractive in the garden, whether it is used as a surface cover for flower beds, under trees and shrubbery, or in pots.

Path construction
Stone pine bark is also an important element in the design of pathways or public spaces. This premium decorative bark is not only visually impressive, but also, due to its elastic nature, offers good slippage protection. The formation of puddles is also reduced so that the mulched surface remains passable whatever the weather.

Layer height
The layer should have a depth of 5-10 cm.

Grain sizes

The fine particle size of 0–8 mm and 7–15 mm is ideal for plants that are grown in flower boxes, tubs or containers.

Medium particle sizes (15–25 mm; 25–40 mm) are best suited to smaller flower beds and ---areas in paved gardens and other places where only a small piece of the plot is to be covered with the material.

The coarse particle size (40–60 mm) is especially effective on wide-open spaces. This variant is particularly eye-catching - as a path cover, under trees, around ponds or between shrubs.

Inquiries and contact

Our stone pine bark comes directly from Portugal. Some plants are subject to specific regulations to keep the risk of introduction or spread of harmful organisms to an absolute minimum. To prevent this, each batch of stone pine bark has to be heated above 65° C for a period of at least 30 minutes before export.

Loose material is delivered to the customer’s nearest port using sea containers (40 HC = approx. 72 CBM or 45 HC = approx. 85 CBM) or by land using moving floor systems (90 CBM).

We use tilt-bed delivery for transport whenever sea containers can be accepted. The containers are tilted edgeways for unloading. Please let us know if your site has the requisite ceiling height for this delivery method.

We will send a tautliner (semi-trailer with tarpaulin) if goods are to be packed in 70 litre bags. The scope of delivery here includes 32 disposable pallets with 39 bags each. The grain sizes can be freely selected per pallet. A wheel loader must be available at the unloading site.

Feel free to contact us on +49 4293 78 94 200 if you require any further information.

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