Pine and larch bark

Noble and resistant

Pine bark mulch adds that special something to your flower bed. The material’s noble appearance will make an impact and offers particularly good quality and durability. Depending on the size of the chips, pine mulch can be used to cover extensive areas in public spaces, or for small flower beds in your garden.

As an alternative to pure pine bark, we also offer a mixture of pine and spruce bark.

And in the Munich area we can provide larch bark products as well. Larch bark shares the excellent characteristics of pine bark and can be used in the same way.


Whatever the weather
Pine bark has a high resin content. This, combined with its thickened texture make it weather-resistant and water-repellent. Nevertheless, the mulch layer is exposed to the natural decomposition process and decays at varying speeds depending on the height of the top layer. The material must therefore be refilled or replaced on an individual basis and where required.

Less work
The tannic acid present in the bark and the very small amount of nitrogen inhibit the germination of seed-propagated weeds. The gardener’s workload can therefore be significantly reduced when maintaining flower beds, especially in green public areas.

Before mulching
The pine bark can extract nitrogen from the soil due to a carbon-nitrogen ratio of >30:1. We therefore recommend fertilising the soil before mulching by using slowly acting nitrogen fertilisers, e.g. horn shavings. Nitrogen deficiencies in the soil are thereby prevented and healthy plant growth is not affected.


Protection against evaporation
Pine bark contributes to better water content regulation because it protects the ground against evaporation, especially during the summer months. The soil’s water retention is enhanced, so that plants are provided with moisture for longer.

Humus for strong growth
The slow decomposition of the bark leads to the soil being enriched with humus and a resulting increase in biological activity. This means that plants receive the most important nutrients for healthy, strong growth and outstanding blooms.

A visual success
Pine bark is not only convincing from an ecological point of view, but also aesthetically, thanks to its reddish-brown colouring. This creates an especially pleasing effect in contrast to green foliage or lighter ground coverings.


For all soils
Pine bark can be applied all year round as a soil covering and for the organic control of weeds. It is suitable for all types of soil. However, it is essential to remove all weeds before applying the pine bark. It is ideal for use among conifers, rhododendrons and azaleas, blueberries, Erica and other woody plants that prefer acid soils.

Rule of thumb coverage
A layer of 5-7 cm is an ideal thickness. As a general rule, the more robust the plants are, the thicker the layer of mulch may be. No parts of the plant that are above ground should be covered.

Pine bark on paths
If pine bark is used to cover paths, it must have a depth of at least 2 cm when compressed. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require more information about specific applications.

Grain sizes

With fine screenings, the particle size of our pine bark is between 00-20 mm and 10-20 mm. It can be used for preparing smaller areas, for the covering rose beds or when planting shrubs.

Medium and coarse
Medium screenings vary between 00-40 mm, 10-40 mm, 20-40 mm and 00-60 mm. Bark mulch in these particle sizes is ideal for covering open areas under shrub and tree plantations.
Very coarse screenings have a particle size of 10–80 mm. This size is used for applications such as path construction.

Raw bark
Raw bark, also known as peeled bark, originates during the mechanical process of de-barking wood logs. It is suitable for large-scale application as a bulk material on construction sites, e.g. on highways or as mulching material for nature conservation areas, due to its very coarse structure.

Inquiries and orders

If you are interested in our pine bark, give us a call! You can reach us by calling +49 4293 78 94 200 or using our enquiry form.
The minimum purchase quantity for loose bark mulch is 16 pallets of bagged material - 20 m3. We supply on an exclusively wholesale basis to commercial customers.

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