Humus and compost

Organic soil conditioners

Our organic soil conditioners are useful agricultural fertilizers, which enjoy wide-spread use in agriculture and, on a smaller scale, in gardens. Whether it's bark humus or compost, the use of organic fertilizers not only reduces the need for mineral fertilizers, but also contributes to cost savings.

Organic fertilizers help to improve the soil structure. It is easier for plants to penetrate the layers of the soil with their roots to give them increased stability. Soil that is well-rooted is also less prone to erosion caused by wind or rain.

When organic fertilizers are used, the soil is enriched with valuable nutrients such as nitrogen, potassium, phosphate, calcium, magnesium and sulphur.  This supply of nutrients allows plants to develop healthily, leading to a more fruitful harvest.

Bark humus

Valuable addition
Bark humus is the finer proportion of the bark (0–15 mm), which is subjected to a fermentation process (composting) in heaps. Humus is a valuable additive for soils and substrates, sustainably loosening and ventilating the soil.

Bark humus can store nutrients and release them again as required (buffering), providing plants with all the essential major and trace nutrients, and ensuring a certain degree of stabilization of the soil’s pH value. It is also an additive with a high structural stability, which ensures improved drainage of finer substrates.

Available particle sizes
We offer our bark humus in 00–10 mm and 00–20 mm sized particles. All products are RAL certified, meaning that they correspond to the provisions of the German Institute of Quality Assurance and Labelling.


Our compost is a RAL-certified product that is made up entirely of plant waste from landscape, garden and park maintenance.

The material obtains an earthy consistency and a pleasant forest-floor smell through controlled composting.

Compost promotes biological soil activity by enriching the soil with valuable nutrients and storing water. Plants can develop healthily which leads to a more fruitful harvest.

Enquiries and orders

We can supply soil conditioners directly to your field or storage site for further processing all year round, to suit your needs. The minimum purchase quantity for bark humus is 20 m3. Compost is also available from a quantity of 20 m3. We are happy to provide personal advice should you have any questions about our organic fertilizers - or if you require special quantities!  Please call us on +49 4293 78 94 200, or use our enquiry form.

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