How to store firewood correctly

Air circulation

We offer customers both fresh and dry firewood. Our dry wood has a residual moisture of less than 25 per cent at its core and can therefore be burned directly in the fireplace. In contrast, fresh wood can only be used after it has been thoroughly dried out. Good air circulation is therefore essential.

Storage of fresh wood

Dry and ventilated
The best possible way of storing firewood is to place it in a dry, well-ventilated location. A south-facing wall, for example, is very suitable. Wood that has already been split is always stacked. It must be ensured that a little air is always able to flow between the individual logs.

Thinking of weather protection
Depending on the type of wood, firewood should be ideally stored sheltered on a firm surface and raised a sufficient distance from the ground (e.g. on pallets), to ensure optimum air circulation. We do not recommend covering with airtight tarpaulins; a small canopy is ideal for weather protection.

Optimum storage time
A storage time of between one and two years is generally accepted until the firewood has an average residual moisture of below 20 per cent. Studies conducted by the Frauenhofer Institute for Wood Research have shown that in optimum storage conditions this value can even be achieved after just one year.