Amendment to the Renewable Energy Sources Act –

an Assessment for the Green Wood and Waste Wood Sector

Following the submission of the Federal Cabinet’s draft of the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) 2021 last autumn, we are generally satisfied with the outcome of the EEG amendment, especially in the green wood sector, and we are optimistic that the biomass sector can continue to make its contribution to the energy transition. The tailwind from politics can definitely be felt.

We had already addressed some positive points in our article last year, such as the increase in the volume of tenders to 600 MW and the bidding maximum for new and existing plants by 1.5-2 ct/kWh each for new plants and for existing plants, as well as the extension of the implementation period between the end of the auction and commissioning to 36 months. The feed-in priority also remains in place for all waste wood plants, regardless of their entry into force, as waste wood falls under the broad biomass concept of the EEG and thus continues to count as renewable energy. The narrow biomass term according to the Biomass Ordinance and the broad term have now also been defined in the Act for the first time.

It is particularly positive that the planned reduction of the remunerated rated output from 80 % to 65 % was not implemented after all. The economic, technical and logistical problems for power plant operators would probably have been immense. Fortunately, improvements were made and the originally planned 65 % was increased to 75 %.

The new EEG therefore offers a good prospect that new biomass cogeneration plants will be built in the future, as well as planning security for customers and suppliers. A positive effect would be that less biomass from Germany would have to be exported abroad, thus promoting the use of domestic resources. “One point, however, whose impact is currently not foreseeable for us, is the cancellation of the top 20 % of bids in insufficiently covered tenders,” says Philipp Pinnow, sales manager for the division of renewable raw materials.

Matthias Warnke, head of the waste wood unit, reports: “The news about the follow-up subsidy for existing waste wood plants came as quite a surprise in mid-December. Although we were aware of the activities through our interest group (the BAV), at no time it was apparent to us that there would still be a change of course in waste wood in the draft of the new EEG.” He explains: “Many of our partners as well as the entire waste wood industry are now intensively thinking about the effects of this short-term change. At first, it can be assumed that only new capacities will emerge in the market in the next two years, partly also in foreign countries close to the border. Although the past has shown that in the end there was always enough waste wood for everyone, our first gut feeling is that competition for the material will be much more fierce in the future. We are motivated by this change in the Act to expand our international activities in order to be able to react better and more flexibly with imports in the event of any supply bottlenecks and thus to be able to guarantee a stable supply situation.” Matthias Warnke remains confident, because one piece of wisdom has always proved true in waste wood: “You never know how things turn out.

So things remains exciting and of course we hope that the majority of the effects of the amendment to the EEG will be positive and that any fears will not come true.

Rated Output Threshold of Renewable Energy Sources Act

The “Tree line” of Biomass

At the end of September, the cabinet draft of the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) 2021 was adopted. This draft contains considerable improvements compared to the EEG 2017 – in our opinion a clear signal for biomass. One positive aspect, for example, is the increase in the volume of tenders from 200 MW to 350 MW and the bidding maximum for new and existing plants by 1.5–2 ct/kWh each to 16.4 ct/kWh for new plants and 18.4 ct/kWh for existing plants.  [read more]

Firewood – Just Get It Fast

The days get wet and cold. The heating season is already in full swing. Now at the latest it is time to stock up on firewood for the winter, so that we can face the cold without any worries. We offer the right opportunity. The reason is that we still have remaining stocks of high-quality firewood from our former firewood production. In the course of internationalisation and focusing on our core products, we had decided to stop producing firewood and are now selling the last quantities. [read more]

De-Icing Salt – the White Gold of the Road

In the colder season with temperatures near freezing point, de-icing salt can quickly become a valuable and especially scarce commodity. It is therefore advisable to take precautions and always have a supply of de-icing salt in stock. Once roads, streets, squares or company premises are icy, it is usually too late to order. After all, the material is the most commonly used gritting agent in icy conditions. Due to its property of dissolving a layer of ice more quickly or preventing it from forming in advance, de-icing salt has proven to be the best choice for ensuring safety in winter road conditions. [read more]

Old Becomes New

Sometimes something new emerges from the old. On 01.01.2021 the time has come. The Brüning | Group starts with its new unit “waste paper”. Through the takeover of the company Schneider Rohstoffe GmbH & Co. KG, based in Buchholz in der Nordheide, a new element is added to the group’s portfolio. For the Brüning | Group, waste paper represents another interesting product that fits perfectly into the existing product range. The possibility of taking over an existing company in this field without having to start from scratch arose long ago. [read more]

Wonderful playing with WONDERFALL

From now on, the children of the kindergarten in Fischerhude can once again romp around outside more carefree. The play area is being renovated with the support of the Brüning | Group. Thanks to a donation of 20 srm fall protection bark mulch from Arnd Brüning, the group’s CEO, sufficient safety while playing is once again provided. He was also on site together with the Brüning employees Thomas Cordes and Imran Maqul to accompany the delivery. [read more]

Waste Wood and Green Wood – New Port, Together on Course

As part of the ongoing internationalisation of the Brüning | Group and the internationalisation of the biomass and waste wood market, we decided to take new logistical paths. In addition to trucks and railways, transport by ship was the obvious choice to handle the large quantities of material that were produced in many places in Germany due to the continuing calamities such as drought and bark beetle infestation, which made new sales channels inevitable. The increasingly long transport distances were another reason why we decided to use sea transport. [read more]

We are part of it – 20th Congress for Wood Energy

The 20th Congress for Wood Energy will take place from 22nd to 30th September 2020. Industry representatives will talk about current market developments, legislative initiatives, discuss recommendations for action and present project examples. As platform for exchange of experience and for personal discussions the congress is likewise very estimated. In view of the current situation regarding COVID-19, the leading event of the German wood energy market was converted into a digital event format and this year’s motto is: Wood energy goes digital! [read more]

Going Ahead with New Force

For new paths, growth and further development, forces must be mobilised – the “new force” of the Brüning | Group is Matthias Mecking. On 01 September 2020, he took up the position of COO (Chief Operating Officer) and will be responsible for the operational business as Managing Director in future. “Until now, there has been a bottleneck in the top management level,” explains Arnd Brüning during its introduction. “In order to achieve more dynamism, implement strategies better and faster and drive forward the company’s development, it was time to eliminate this bottleneck”. [read more]

Back to the Roots

Usually in the late morning, the most different food scents gradually make their way through the offices in Fischerhude, as cooking takes place – be it traditional kale, meatballs or fried fish, Mediterranean pasta, ratatouille or feta vegetable casserole, but also pancakes or rice pudding for those with a sweet tooth. And if you don’t feel like having a hot lunch, you can enjoy a delicious salad from the extensive salad buffet. There is a little bit of everything, every day wonderful dishes are waiting to be eaten. [read more]

Hustle and Bustle at the Brüning | Group

It’s holiday time and many parents are faced with a problem: where to take the dear little ones when the daycare centre and kindergarten are closed? For the employees of the Brüning | Group at the headquarters in Fischerhude, this question can be answered quite simply – off to childcare during the summer holidays. This is a special offer from the company, in which the reconciliation of work and family life is given a high priority and also implemented. [read more]