Waste Wood and Green Wood – New Port, Together on Course

As part of the ongoing internationalisation of the Brüning | Group and the internationalisation of the biomass and waste wood market, we decided to take new logistical paths. In addition to trucks and railways, transport by ship was the obvious choice to handle the large quantities of material that were produced in many places in Germany due to the continuing calamities such as drought and bark beetle infestation, which made new sales channels inevitable. The increasingly long transport distances were another reason why we decided to use sea transport. [read more]

We are part of it – 20th Congress for Wood Energy

The 20th Congress for Wood Energy will take place from 22nd to 30th September 2020. Industry representatives will talk about current market developments, legislative initiatives, discuss recommendations for action and present project examples. As platform for exchange of experience and for personal discussions the congress is likewise very estimated. In view of the current situation regarding COVID-19, the leading event of the German wood energy market was converted into a digital event format and this year’s motto is: Wood energy goes digital! [read more]

Going Ahead with New Force

For new paths, growth and further development, forces must be mobilised – the “new force” of the Brüning | Group is Matthias Mecking. On 01 September 2020, he took up the position of COO (Chief Operating Officer) and will be responsible for the operational business as Managing Director in future. “Until now, there has been a bottleneck in the top management level,” explains Arnd Brüning during its introduction. “In order to achieve more dynamism, implement strategies better and faster and drive forward the company’s development, it was time to eliminate this bottleneck”. [read more]

Back to the Roots

Usually in the late morning, the most different food scents gradually make their way through the offices in Fischerhude, as cooking takes place – be it traditional kale, meatballs or fried fish, Mediterranean pasta, ratatouille or feta vegetable casserole, but also pancakes or rice pudding for those with a sweet tooth. And if you don’t feel like having a hot lunch, you can enjoy a delicious salad from the extensive salad buffet. There is a little bit of everything, every day wonderful dishes are waiting to be eaten. [read more]

Hustle and Bustle at the Brüning | Group

It’s holiday time and many parents are faced with a problem: where to take the dear little ones when the daycare centre and kindergarten are closed? For the employees of the Brüning | Group at the headquarters in Fischerhude, this question can be answered quite simply – off to childcare during the summer holidays. This is a special offer from the company, in which the reconciliation of work and family life is given a high priority and also implemented. [read more]

Bark on Board

Due to the high demand during the corona lockdown and the persistent drought in recent years, which has led to an increased bark beetle infestation, bottlenecks in the bark sector are currently repeatedly occurring. In order to prevent shortages, i.e. to remain able to supply our customers, we recently imported almost 8,500 srm raw bark of conifers by ship from from the Baltic States. The material was transported by truck from the port in Lübeck to our site in Mölln, our production facility for bark mulch and bark products. [read more]

Full Power Thanks to Full Supply

We are very pleased to report that Brüning | Megawatt is taking over full supply for the power plant of Stadtwerke Hildesheim AG. The wood fired combined heat and power plant (CHP) of EVI was connected to the grid in November 2011 with the start of the heating period. The planned annual energy sales volume is around 33 million kWh of heat, with a further 3.6 million kWh of electricity per year being added through combined heat and power generation. [read more]

Certification and Notification – A World of Its Own

The demands placed on the goods we trade are becoming increasingly complex – from sustainable forest management to legal shipment (import/export) and criteria for the acceptance of materials. For this reason we have set up special departments within the Brüning | Group that deal exclusively with the various certification concepts and notifications. Within the framework of our international orientation, of course we strive for international certificates in addition to national certification concepts. Furthermore, we have a notification department that is responsible for handling the cross-border movement of goods. [read more]

Service Makes the Difference

As Brüning | Group we do not see ourselves merely as traders, but rather as service providers, because we want to offer our customers more than just goods. We are therefore constantly developing new ideas to optimize our processes. For this we need good partners. That is why we also outsource services to other companies for the implementation of individual projects. Externally, we outsource the chopping, screening, shredding and storage of materials. Most recently, we transported a train with roundwood from Thuringia to Flensburg. There one of our partners chopped the material directly from the wagons into the walking floors and transported it further to our customers. [read more]

SBP Certification for Brüning | Megawatt & Brüning | Euromulch

The Sustainable Biomass Program (SBP) is a certification system for biomass used in energy production. The aim is to fulfil legal, regulatory and sustainability-oriented requirements in the EU. At the same time, SBP certification ensures access to the EU market and makes sure that the legality of the tree harvest as required by the EU Timber Regulation is guaranteed. Producers of biomass, traders and energy producers who are end users of biomass products are certified.  [read more]

On the Road – Logistics in Times of Corona

At Brüning | Logistik a lot has changed due to the corona crisis. The biggest change took place in the office, as everyone withdrew to their home office. Patrick Häberle, Head of Logistics, reflects: “My concerns were quite high, however, as to whether vehicle dispatching with different dispatchers could function without direct contact. In the meantime, this is going very well and I can imagine this model to some extent for the future of the department. The communication between the individual colleagues works excellently. It is of course a pity that we no longer see each other personally. Until that is possible again, we’ll just use video conferencing.” [read more]