Full Power Thanks to Full Supply

We are very pleased to report that Brüning | Megawatt are taking over full supply for the power plant of Stadtwerke Hildesheim AG. The wood fired combined heat and power plant (CHP) of EVI was connected to the grid in November 2011 with the start of the heating period. The planned annual energy sales volume is around 33 million kWh of heat, with a further 3.6 million kWh of electricity per year being added through combined heat and power generation. [weiterlesen]

Certification and Notification – A World of Its Own

The demands placed on the goods we trade are becoming increasingly complex – from sustainable forest management to legal shipment (import/export) and criteria for the acceptance of materials. For this reason we have set up special departments within the Brüning | Group that deal exclusively with the various certification concepts and notifications. Within the framework of our international orientation, of course we strive for international certificates in addition to national certification concepts. Furthermore, we have a notification department that is responsible for handling the cross-border movement of goods. [weiterlesen]

Service Makes the Difference

As Brüning | Group we do not see ourselves merely as traders, but rather as service providers, because we want to offer our customers more than just goods. We are therefore constantly developing new ideas to optimize our processes. For this we need good partners. That is why we also outsource services to other companies for the implementation of individual projects. Externally, we outsource the chopping, screening, shredding and storage of materials. Most recently, we transported a train with roundwood from Thuringia to Flensburg. There one of our partners chopped the material directly from the wagons into the walking floors and transported it further to our customers. [weiterlesen]

SBP Certification for Brüning | Megawatt & Brüning | Euromulch

The Sustainable Biomass Program (SBP) is a certification system for biomass used in energy production. The aim is to fulfil legal, regulatory and sustainability-oriented requirements in the EU. At the same time, SBP certification ensures access to the EU market and makes sure that the legality of the tree harvest as required by the EU Timber Regulation is guaranteed. Producers of biomass, traders and energy producers who are end users of biomass products are certified.  [weiterlesen]

On the Road – Logistics in Times of Corona

At Brüning | Logistik a lot has changed due to the corona crisis. The biggest change took place in the office, as everyone withdrew to their home office. Patrick Häberle, Head of Logistics, reflects: “My concerns were quite high, however, as to whether vehicle dispatching with different dispatchers could function without direct contact. In the meantime, this is going very well and I can imagine this model to some extent for the future of the department. The communication between the individual colleagues works excellently. It is of course a pity that we no longer see each other personally. Until that is possible again, we’ll just use video conferencing.” [weiterlesen]

Non-Wood-Waste becomes Waste-to-Energy

Non-Wood-Waste – introduced a few years ago as a service product – continues to develop and becomes “Waste-to-Energy (WTE)”. This term is also already established in the waste business. In the context of biomass trading, the service department has been installed as a reactive service for our biomass customers. It covered all waste products that did not constitute biomass and did not fall under the category of wood, ergo “non-wood”, and hence the name “Non-Wood-Waste”. [weiterlesen]

Waste wood – Good to know…

At the beginning of February, a training on waste wood took place at the BUSS terminal in Stade in collaboration with the German Waste Wood Association (BAV e. V.). A total of seven employees of Buss Terminal Stade GmbH & Co. KG, Stoffstrom GmbH, Heidemann Recycling GmbH, Stader Gehwegreinigung GmbH and the Brüning | Group. All participants have an important function in the supply chain for waste wood, so that all partners of Brüning | Megawatt were very grateful for the training offer. [weiterlesen]

You never stop learning…

We from Bruening | Group attach great importance to keeping our employees up to date at all times. In response to repeated requests for further training and in view of the changes in value added tax (VAT) law as of 1 January 2020, we have decided to hold an in-house training course on this subject. To ensure that no mistakes are made in international trade and that the VAT is correctly reported, we have also included the Incoterms 2020 on the agenda. After all, well-trained personnel is indispensable in the context of our internationalization, where further, partly different regulations in tax law have to be considered. [weiterlesen]